Anonymous: You're unbelievably cute! I kinda have a crush on you.. 

This made my day.

Anonymous: sorry i know ypu arent an advice page but do you feed your beardie on one type of livefood, i dont want to over load him. and he doesnt seem to drink at all help! should i take him to the vets? 

I think it is always a good idea to give them a variety of live foods, not only does each insect have different nutritional values but they often get bored of the same food. Just make sure the food is the correct size, if you aren’t sure what size yours should be eating ask a specialist vet or reptile shop. Don’t go to pets at home for the live food, they never look healthy. Plus remember to feed the insects a good 24 hours before giving them to the beardie, dust them with calcium (as often as the packet says) and take any bugs out they don’t eat - especially crickets because they’ll nibble your beardie!!!

As for the water, beardies do not usually drink still water as they don’t tend to see it. They will get a lot of water from the fruit and veg you give them but its also a good idea to mist them with a water spray. They are more likely to drink droplets from trees in the vivarium. You can also give them occasional baths or even just move your fingers in the water so they can see it better. I’ve heard of people dropping water on their noses as well but I don’t think mine would particularly appreciate that haha. 

You could take him to a vet just to be on the safe side, as he should have check ups every now and then anyway, but i’m almost certain if you tried these, especially the misting, you’ll start to see him drink. Just remember they aren’t like mammals - you’re not likely to see him lap it up like a dog! haha hope this helped! <3